The Jay Cutler Get Shredded EXTREME EDITION! is my most hardcore fat loss program to date!

You are going to spend the next 16 weeks following this intensive training program, along with a diet built for champions.
The outcome will be extreme fat loss, muscle definition and a transformation which makes people go "what have you been doing!?"
No stone has been left unturned in the Jay Cutler Get Shredded EXTREME EDITION!...
You will get...
✅16 weeks of intense training following my famous Olympian high volume training 
✅Never seen before intensification methods to make your workouts even more insane, to get crazy results! 
✅Full cardio program which keeps you breaking through plateaus as the weeks run down
✅Complete diet, developed to fit your own lean body weight for guaranteed success
✅Advanced dieting techniques including the "high days" I use to boost the metabolism and the intense "low days" for the last 4 weeks of the program
If you want extreme fat loss, this is the program you need!
Are you up for the challenge?

Jay Cutler Get Shredded EXTREME EDITION!