For the first time ever, I have created an ebook dedicated entirely to fat loss. 
The Jay cutler Get Shredded! ebook contains 88 PAGES of high quality information on how to burn fat and get yourself into incredible shape, within 12 weeks! Not only will you learn, you will have a plan to follow. 
  • Access a full diet which gives you the right protein, carbs, fats and calorie targets for your lean body mass to lose fat quickly!
  • Full 12 week high volume training program (choose between a 4, 5 or 6 day split depending on your experience level! They are ALL in this ebook for you to follow)
  • You can even follow the 12 week plan and then start again, this time trying the harder training program to push yourself even further 
  • Learn by reading pages of fat loss information from me, so you can get the results you always wanted (and a lot faster!!)

Jay Cutler's Get Shredded Plan